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Add to the comfort of flying your RV with a sport seat to replace the standard RV seat cushions. You may not want to sit in your RV for 15 hours straight like Jon Johanson but at least Jon is prepared to guarantee them for 15 ½ hours, any more than that you will have to discover for yourself!

The seats are custom made and covered in a range of fabrics to match your RV colour scheme (grey, black, light, dark and electric blue, bright yellow, bright red, burgundy, bright and dark green to name a few). They are available in ultra light Carbon/Kevlar (lighter than the standard RV seats) or standard fibreglass (about the same weight as the standard RV seats).

Carbon kevlar 2.2kg (4.9lbs)
Fibreglass 4Kg (8.8lbs)

Seats can be chosen as 'Front' or 'Back'. The 'Front' seats have higher head rests while the 'Back' has the head rest substantially lower to fit the back seat position. Som e RV-4 and RV-8 builders choose the 'Back' seat for the front so that forward visibility is not restricted for the rear seat passenger.

In the RV-4 with electric flaps, fitting these seats is easier than changing seat covers. Simply remove the existing seat back and cushions and place the new seat in their place. Secure your harness and go fly in the most comfortable RV seat available.

For RV-4's with manual flaps a bracket to replace the flap handle position catches, which are part of the standard seat back, needs to be fitted. A replacement bracket can be ordered with the seat and is fitted to the floor in the same position as the now removed seat back.

For the RV-8 brackets need to be constructed to secure the front seat, depending on the height of the pilot, these brackets need to be individually made. The forward seat ramp (F 880 APP) and (F 880 BPP-L & R) are to be removed. Brackets (pic called " front seat attach") will need to be manufactured to hold the seat on the spar at the required height. Some pilots have fitted a support from the rear of the seat to the floor. Instead of the bracket, high density foam under the seat is recommended for better crash protection. Once this is done the new seat can be put in place ready for you to secure your harness and go fly.

To fit the rear seat of the RV4 and RV8, simple brackets (pic called " rear seat attach ") are needed to attach the front of the seat to the floor and allow it to pivot forward for access to the baggage locker. Bolt attach points are provided on the seats.

RV-6/7 and 9s can now fit these seats. The seats are a simple fit with very little modification needed to the floor under the seat. There are some restrictions though. The seats can only be fitted in RVs with electric flaps. Pilots weighing more than 95kg (~200 lbs) will not fit comfortably. Pilots taller than 190cm (~6' 1") will not fit comfortably.

For more details please contact Flymore.

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