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About Us

Flymore Pty Ltd is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Its aim is to provide products and services which help pilots and aircraft owners to Fly more.

The company started manufacturing wing tip fuel tanks for the RV series of aircraft. Company Director, Jon Johanson was asked whether he could make a set of tanks like the ones he made to fly around the world in his RV-4. He got asked so many times he started the company.

Flymore has now expanded to manufacture and sell the products listed on the website as well as providing a service for those wanting to buy or sell sport aircraft, particularly the RV series.

Flymore is the Australian distributor/agent for the overseas products listed on the website.

Jon has over 3,000 hours experience flying sport aircraft and is able to advise those who are:

  • planning to build
  • looking for advice during building
  • planning a first flight or wanting someone to conduct the first flight and initial test flying.


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