Custom Aero Pty Ltd
is located at Parafield Airport in South Australia. It has been established as a facility for Experimental aircraft only. Director and Chief Engineer, Bret Turner is a qualified Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) and has built/assisted with building more sport aircraft than he cares to remember.

Custom Aero specialises in:

    • Performance Engineering
    • Personalizing Sport Aircraft
    • Avionics
    • Engine Set up and maintenance
    • Aircraft refit and refurbishment
    • Assistance with completion of home built aircraft
    • Firewall forward
    • Painting and general finishing

    Custom Aero has a unique and successfully history.

    RV-4te - First single engined aircraft ever to be flown solo over the South Pole. Range extended from ~670 nm to ~5700 nm. turbo normalized, inter cooled, water/methanol injected, special Antarctic package.

    Thorp T18 - Stall is now docile and 5 kts slower. Top speed has increased 30.

    RV-6A - Cruse speed increased from 145 kts to 179 kts

    RV-8 - Rebuilt as RV-8A

    RV-6 - Rebuilt as RV-6A

Contact details:

Company Director, Bret Turner

Ph 0413 011 583
Fax 08 8285 4822

Address: Hangar 28, Dakota Drive, Parafield, South Australia 5106