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         RAIS and Plenum

Ram Air Inlet Scoop - Improve Performance

Ram Air Inlet Scoop: - The "RAIS" system enhances engine performance by maximising the effect of ducted "Ram Air" generated by the air flow and propeller into the engine throttle body via a plenum system. This system is similar in concept to those installed on the more advanced WW2 fighters such as the P51 as well as on modern Propeller-Gas
Turbines to increase airflow into the engine air intake system, thus increasing engine power by way of increased mass flow. As the name implies, we are using Ram Air from the propeller.

The "RAIS" system was first designed and installed on an RV 8 by owner Ray Jarvis to improve engine performance at all levels of operation. With much interest from other RV owners, Ray, Jon Johanson & Brett Turner have combined their talents to improve the
design of the "RAIS" and through his company "Flymore" Jon now offers the "RAIS" to the RV market.

It has achieved exactly what it was designed to do!

Of the two test aircraft, one is an Airflow Performance fuel injected 180hp fitted with a three blade "MT" propeller and the other is a Bendix fuel injected 200hp with a two blade Hartzell propeller.

Extensive flight-testing has shown increases in excess of 2” of Manifold Pressure Recovery at 1,500’ and 1" of Manifold Pressure Recovery at 10,000’. These increases are improvements compared to Van’s snorkel type induction (not the rhino horn induction).

The system is designed to be utilised with a "Forward Induction Sump" (M1B), however vertical induction sumps may be used with the incorporation of an elbow on the throttle body.

Please note, the throttle body MUST be orientated horizontally. If you are changing from vertical to horizontal induction, the throttle body needs to be adjusted by a suitably qualified person.

The "RAIS" system includes the scoop, filter mount, intake plenum, scat tube clamps and filter. The "Scoop" incorporates a circular Access Hatch, which allows direct access to the Throttle Body, both for servicing and adjustment as well as installation and removal of the scat tube.

It is designed to be installed on RV 6, RV 7, RV 8 & RV 9 aircraft. It may be easily installed on either of the lower cowl designs as supplied by Vans. Tricycle (A) versions of the above models may also utilise the "RAIS" unit.

Instructions supplied will carefully lead you through installing this equipment to your RV aircraft. Apart from increasing the performance of your RV, it will also enhance its appearance!

"Custom Aero" of Parafield have been involved in the RAIS from its development, they can not only install the units at a highly competitive price, but can also deal with throttle body conversions from vertical to horizontal.

Contact us for pricing and orders.

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